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Do You Still Dream?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

As a kid, you might remember lying in the grass on a spring day, staring into the sky. Or maybe, you loved the nighttime because you wanted to wish upon a star. Oh, the beauty of a wish (translation) dream. When is the last time that you took the time to dream? I am not talking about a pizza dream – but a dream that excites you. If you can't remember, can you recall why you stopped dreaming? Have you allowed the routine of life to rob you of the innocence of the joy of your youth? When I say dream, I also want you to consider the words vision or desire. Dreaming is essential for many reasons. Dreams might be the key to providing the strategies you need to reach your vision. So many people walk around aimlessly. They indicate that they do not have any goals or have a clue what their purpose is. But, have you ever considered that in the times when you are dreaming (even daydreaming, what might seem like you are simply staring into space), you are receiving some insight into a destiny that you never knew before you realized the dream. When you sense an inkling of your future or get wind of a goal, you might feel that you have a more decisive direction for your life. Simply having a focus can provide a sense of grounding and meaning. Did you realize something interesting happens when you actively dream? You'll begin to attract people into your inner circle who are also dreamers? You become an inspiration to each other, and this is also amazing. There is a reason why you keep having the dream to do more. To work in a different career, expand your family, go back to school, open a business, absolutely anything. Do not dismiss this dream. I have had dreams that have annoyed me until I took steps to see the dream realized. Now I see these moments as gifts. I feel honored that the creator trusts me enough to give me dreams that will enhance my own life and enrich the lives of others. The reality is we all have a limited number of days on this place we know as earth. So, do not wait. Carry out your dreams now. You have a powerful impact that you need to make in your life – in your community – in the world.

Think about some of the most well-known entrepreneurs, actors, authors, creators, athletes, thinkers in our world. I say with confidence that these individuals' accomplishments did not just come about by happenstance. But they had a dream (or several dreams). They took those dreams and set goals to achieve what they had the confidence and courage to know was possible. You might be the next number #1 New York Times best-selling author. A company you dream about starting might be the next big thing – around the globe. You might be dreaming about a cure that could help hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a disease. And no dream is too simple – you might have a dream to design and build a home for yourself and your family. Your dream is your dream, and it matters.

I live boldly and unapologetically without regrets – why – because life is short. I am excited to dream. And be courageous – I promise you, as you begin to dream and get steps to the pathways, the resources will follow. Be open to the process. Be open to how the answers come. Trust the process. Have you ever noticed that a dream made you excited or felt energized after having had the dream? There is a reason for this feeling. When you feel the excitement, it is time for you to make some moves. Do not delay. There will be moments in the process of carrying out your dreams when the enthusiasm wanes. So, take advantage of the excitement that your dreams bring.

Use/repost only with express permission from Dr. Virginia Githiri

Click the link to listen to the "Do You Still Dream" episode on the Moments of Introspection Podcast, Hosted by Dr. Virginia Githiri.

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