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Don't Give Up!

Have you ever wanted to give up? Let me answer that for you; if you are over the age of 10, the answer is YES. All of us have sensed that quitting was a better scenario than going through the pain of the storm.

While there are some circumstances when switching direction, making a different choice, or, yes, stopping altogether is the best option, that is not my focus today.

Today, I intend to encourage you to hang in there - Don't give up. It sounds like a simple phrase. It might even be numbing to you because you hear it so much. I am sure that someone is listening to me right now and saying, "excuse you, ma'am. You have your nerve. You have no idea what I am going through – or how crushing the circumstances of my life have been. So why do you feel so empowered to tell me not to give up?"

I have discovered that we often give up because we feel ill-equipped to complete the task (or, in some instances, start the journey). These insecurities are often related to our imaginings of what we think other people might think of us. What barriers we might face, what successes we might have.

Perfection does not exist. So, if you are giving up because you cannot get it perfect, let me offer you some advice. It will never be perfect. What is your barometer? Indeed, your image of perfection relates to something you have seen in your past, some half-truth someone has told you, something you've seen on TV, and I could go on. You have no idea how another person's situation came to be – so, how can you label what you have seen as perfect and use that as a measure for where you should be. I understand wanting to have a certain standard – but perfection, no. If you peruse social media platforms, you will notice that much of what you see is filtered – written content and photos – I want to go on a tangent about photo filtering. Seriously, everyone sits in a hazy room…maybe I am missing something here. Ok, let me get back to task!

Imagine – the perfect baby shower or the glittery marriage proposal. The ideal kitchen in your home looks like it should belong in the Architectural Digest Magazine. Yet, when you are not taking the filtered photos, you will find shoes, purses, laptops, thrown about most days in that same kitchen. Your child is frustrated every other evening when trying to avoid bedtime because they can't find the missing piece to their favorite toy, and it is always under the refrigerator. Now, do not get me wrong. I also enjoy looking at beautiful images of family, friends, houses, places where people travel, delicious new foods that they try. And we all need to escape sometimes.

But, if you think someone else's world is so much better than your world, just because of what they choose to reveal – you are sadly mistaken. The highlight reels of life merely represent a minute part of life. So, remove the word "perfection" from your vocabulary. I believe that the only perfection that exists (without sounding too deep or mystical) will not occur until we all close our natural eyes for the final time, in other words, when we transition from this life as we know it.

You want to know a little secret to help you embrace the entire journey, even the imperfections; you must be willing to fail. Yes, I said it, be ok with failure. How many of you remember walking for the first time – well, probably not many of you because you may have been between the age of 8 – 12 months of age. How about riding a bike or tying your shoe. You failed several times before you got it right. So, why would the process automatically change in adulthood? The process does not change. There are simply things in life where failure – or the requirement to try it again – must happen. Allegedly, Colonel Sanders, The Creator of the famous Finger-licking Good Kentucky Fried Chicken, was turned down 1009 times before someone accepted his recipe. You can look it up to verify his story. But did you hear what I just said 1009 times? How many of you have been rejected 1009 times for one thing you have tried? If Colonel Sanders had given up, some of you fried chicken lovers would not be singing the praises of those world-famous 11 herbs and spices. I can think of many other examples of famous individuals who had innumerable failed attempts, rejections, disappointments before finding victory.

You must be willing to see your challenges as future opportunities for success.

Don't Give Up!

Use/repost only with express permission from Dr. Virginia Githiri Click the link to listen to the "Don't Give Up" episode on the Moments of Introspection Podcast, Hosted by Dr. Virginia Githiri.

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